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Product & Priceing


     What is relief carving? This means that the carving is formed from a flat piece and created to be viewed basically from one side. These fish mounts are further enhanced with the pectoral and pelvic fins carved separately and then added at realistic angles to give an even greater illusion of depth. Each carving is usually started from dried pine, which is then shaped and formed by a variety of hand and power tools. Poplar and basswood are the wood of choice for the added on fins. The subject is then sealed, coated with primer and painted by using a combination of air brushing and hand detailing. A finish of high quality satin, semi or high gloss is then applied. Every one of the spices is thoroughly researched for anatomical correctness such as fin placement, eye size, location and colorization depending on sex, spawning or geographical origin.

     Mounts showing side view extensions: 2" hanger on Blue Marlin puts the tip of pectoral fin 12" out from wall.


These hangers are designed by myself to further extend the 3-D appearance of the mount. Each measures 12" across and puts the mount 1 1/4"-2" (depending on size of fish) out from the wall. They are balanced to each piece, and with the felt pads, insure no damage to any wall surface. This wide mounting system also allows numerous angle poses without any further holes in the wall.


     All prices are determined by size, type of material, design and the amount of labor required to create your own individual piece of art. I can design the piece to fit your budget. The design elements in my work can vary greatly in the amount of time required to execute the carving. This gives me a lot of freedom in being able adjust the design to fit your budget while maintaining a high degree of quality. Please feel free to suggest any ideas you might have. Sometimes it works better for you to tell me your budget in advance. This allows me to create a design concept that will fit your budget. I take pride in my ability to tailor the price and design to each client’s needs.

When you are ready to order, I require a 50% deposit, which is non refundable once work has started on your project. When the piece is completed, the balance is due, prior to shipping. I will send you photos of the completed piece

The turn around time depends on the complexity of the carving as well as the backlog of orders I have at the time you order. 4-6 weeks is average.

     Thank you, Greg Pezzoni