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About the artist 

Greg Pezzoni

Raised in Santa Barbara, on California's southern coastline until his early teens. Greg was exposed early to both fresh and saltwater angling. Half day boats in the Santa Barbara channel and full day excursions to the city's famous wharf introduced him to numerous species, such as Bonita, halibut, sheep head, sharks, rock fish and kelp dwellers of all kinds. A small lake within walking distance instilled his passion for largemouth bass fishing, while supplying mixed bags of bluegill, crappie and catfish.

    With backpacking trips to the nearby Santa Ynez and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, Greg then added California's numerous trout species (including the coveted golden trout, California's state fish) to his fishing "have caught" list. Relocating to Kentucky, then North Carolina, enabled him to fish waters he had only read about. Carolina's famous outer banks, the Dan and New rivers of Virginia, and the TVA lakes of the Smoky Mountains added striped & smallmouth bass, bluefish, Spanish & king mackerel to the list. Having excelled in art since an early age, he has combined that gift with his love of the outdoors and angling, to create these highly realistic wooden relief carvings. Greg now resides just outside of the small town of Linden, Ca. on the Calaveras River, where he lives with Erin, the catch of his lifetime.

Memberships & affiliations

  1. Member of the NFCG ( National Fish Carvers Guild)
  2. Member-CIFFI ( California Inland Fisheries Foundation Inc.)
  3. Member-BASS ( Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society )
  4. Member-OA ( Outcast Anglers )